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Admissions Process

When seeking admission for a young man, the Admissions Coordinator will ask the person referring for a clinical packet. The clinical packet may include a psychiatric evaluation, any psychological testing, and a treatment plan from current placement or discharge summaries from prior treatment. The clinical packet will be reviewed by a clinical administrator and physician regarding clinical/medical appropriateness for admission to a Benchmark program. The referring party will be notified of acceptance to the program or that the clinical team feels the individual is not appropriate for our program.

After notification of the candidate’s acceptance, the Admissions Coordinator will work with the referring party to finalize the admission based on space availability in the designated program.

Discharge Planning

The patient’s discharge plan is developed upon admission and is continually updated throughout the patient’s treatment. 

The discharge plan will include the patient’s anticipated length of stay and approximate date of discharge. The discharge date is based on individual goal achievement rather than program completion.

The discharge date will be addressed and documented in the patient’s monthly progress summary.

The discharge plan will address the patient’s anticipated post discharge service needs including living arrangements upon discharge, level of care, type of services, medical needs, educational and vocational needs, clinical modalities, therapeutic interventions, community supports, parent advocacy organizations and other identified service needs.

The discharge plan will also address, when appropriate, recommendations for the terms of continued probation.

The discharge plan will include the specific individuals/program responsible for providing the patient’s post discharge needs.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, but an Assessment and Referral specialist is available at 801.299.5319 to answer your questions. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.