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Programs and Services

Benchmark Behavioral Health Systems serves a diverse population of adolescent and young adult males, ages 13 - 20.  By providing cognitive-behavioral therapy, psycho-educational interventions and a wide array of therapeutic services we offer our residents a program that is effective and successful.  Benchmark is committed to developing youth who can return to their communities more prepared to lead pro-social, productive lives.

Benchmark programs include:

  • Adolescent Sexual Misconduct
  • Young Adult Sexual Misconduct
  • Developmentally Delayed Adolescent Sexual Misconduct
  • Youth with Behavioral Health Issues


All programs deliver a comprehensive scope of services that provide a multi disciplinary approach to quality care.

Individual Therapy

Upon admission to the facility, each patient is assigned a primary therapist.  The therapist is responsible for working with the patient and the treatment team to develop an initial treatment plan.  The treatment plan is then adjusted monthly and any changes made to the plan are reflected in the monthly progress summary which is available to all members of the treatment team.  Individual therapy sessions, facilitated by the primary therapist, address goals and objectives which are identified in the youth’s individualized treatment plan.  Therapy sessions may also address issues that arise in day-to-day life at the facility.  Each patient receives at least one hour of individual therapy per week.  As part of the increased therapeutic interventions, each patient on Enterprise unit receives two therapy sessions per week.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an essential treatment component at Benchmark.  Each youth at the facility will attend at least three group therapy sessions per week.  Group sessions cover pre-selected, specific treatment components and may cover the following concepts: cognitive distortions, criminal thinking, victim empathy, substance abuse, healthy sexuality, victim of abuse issues, pro-social identity development and other restorative justice treatment areas.  Group therapy sessions also process day-to-day treatment issues as they arise in the treatment milieu.  The Enterprise unit staffing includes a nurse, who is specifically assigned to the unit, whose job duties include facilitating group sessions.

Family Therapy

Each patient is offered phone-based family therapy sessions as required by individual contracts.  These sessions focus on family communication patterns and dynamics, problem solving, conflict resolution, parent-child relationship issues, identifying goals to be included in the treatment plan, processing progress in treatment and addressing any/all family issues identified in the treatment plan.  The phone-based family therapy sessions are supplemented by face-to-face, on-campus family therapy sessions which usually include an informal visitation time and possible off campus visit following the family therapy session.  There may be opportunities for additional visits for those families who are able make their own travel arrangements.   All visits are approved by the youth’s treatment team which includes referral team members, the primary therapist, Benchmark’s Clinical Program Administrator and the individual’s psychiatrist.

Group Skills Training

Each patient is expected to attend daily skills training groups which are led by trained, qualified mental health workers.  These psycho-educational groups cover areas such as social skills, anger management, problem solving, independent living, transition, and other daily living areas.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, but an Assessment and Referral specialist is available at 801.299.5319 to answer your questions. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.