Our mission is to use the principles of restorative justice and empathy along with Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to create a treatment system to help patients change problematic behavior patterns in a manner that allows them to live more pro-social lives.

We focus on three main objectives:

  • Guiding patients towards accountability for their actions
  • Competency development
  • Enhancing community safety

By our balanced use of these objectives, our environment allows patients to repair the harm done by their behavior, build the skills needed to live successful lives, and reduce the likelihood of committing future acts that are detrimental to themselves and others.

We believe all individuals have within them the potential to change and become a positive contributor to society. As an effective treatment system we strive to use interventions and provide tools appropriate for the stage of change in which the individual is functioning.

While at Benchmark patients will be working on two broad areas of their life:

  • Improving day-to-day behaviors: At Benchmark we utilize a level system to provide the youth with daily feedback on their everyday behaviors. The behavioral level is explained in a handbook given to the youth upon admission and is explained in detail with the unit staff members as part of their orientation.
  • Addressing individualized issues: We use an individualized phase manual to help guide the patient through the process of change. The phases in treatment are designed to help guide the therapeutic process and assist the patient in identifying where they are in the healing process. The phases of treatment contains steps within the general scope of treatment that represent the changing treatment focus as the patient moves from initial entrance into therapy to the successful completion of that therapy.


The Benchmark program utilizes a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach to assist the patient in accomplishing their treatment goals. The treatment team is composed of full-time Benchmark employees and may also include some contracted individuals, when necessary, to assure that all of the client’s needs are being met. The following is a list of the members on the patient’s treatment team:


  • Clinical Staff/Therapists: Every Benchmark resident is assigned an individual therapist at the time of admission into the program. All Benchmark Primary Therapists possess a Master’s degree and are state licensed in their perspective fields. The patient’s therapist will be responsible for driving the individual’s treatment while he is in the program. The therapist will not only be responsible for weekly individual therapy sessions, but also provide family therapy treatment, psychodynamic group treatment, crisis management therapy (when necessary), and be the link between the referring agency and Benchmark Behavioral Health.
  • Department of Psychology: A full-time staff psychologist works closely with therapists and administration to meet the individual needs of each patient through targeted testing. The psychologist provides consultation services consisting of: psychological and psychosexual testing, sexual and violence risk assessment, penile plethysmograph testing, adaptive behavior testing, cognitive assessment and career assessment.
  • Psychiatry: Benchmark employs two full-time Psychiatrists (MD) that are for all psychiatric evaluations and updates. The two psychiatrists are responsible for supervising other contracted psychiatrists who serve to provide comprehensive 24-hour coverage for all patients. In order to provide the best care to all our patients, psychiatrists participate in a weekly staff meeting and interact with all levels of staff to best evaluate and treat each Benchmark patient.
  • Nursing: Benchmark residents have access to a team of nurses who are employed around the clock to dispense medication (when needed) and monitor the patient’s medical needs. Nurses also assist on the unit in milieu management and often lead psycho-educational groups that apply to their field of expertise.
  • Education/Special Education: Benchmark School services are provided by a Northwest accredited high school and in an on-campus environment. We offer a low student to teacher ratio as we aim to have our classrooms to have one teacher and two staff members per 12 students. Many of the teachers are special education certified and can address special education needs and conduct Individualized Education Plans (IEP) when needed.
  • Recreational Therapy: A Recreation Therapy Department supplements the resident’s school program and is also available after hours and on weekends to provide patients with alternative activities for healthier living.
  • Milieu Treatment Team: At Benchmark the milieu, or whole living environment surrounding the resident, is considered one of the primary avenues in facilitating a lasting change. The therapeutic communities strive to generate an environment that exerts a therapeutic influence on the patient. The therapeutic community is run by trained staff workers who are a minimum of 21 years of age, all of whom are college educated as many are pursuing a life career in the mental health field. Each unit has one Unit Manager who directly supervises two Mental Health Workers staff.
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